Melissa’s Quick Tip

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, my amazing, beautiful, intelligent, sweet, loving wife Melissa shared a relationship tip for couples. I’d like to share it with you. 

“Hi friends, I’m wishing you all a beautiful Wednesday! 
Here’s a quick tip I’ve learned from 21 years of marriage: Relationships aren’t something you treat with passivity. You have to work at communicating your needs even when you don’t think you should have to. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt, plus the opportunity to hear you and understand your needs. 

Saying “He/ She should know what I need and how to treat me, if he’s/ she’s a real man/woman.” That’s actually not a fair assessment if the relationship is still in the first phase of maturity. Or even if time and circumstances have changed the relationship. Healthy, non-judgmental communication is ideal in growing relationships.

Don’t allow your pre-existing expectations cause you to mistreat someone that could be in your life to bring you joy. Communicate with him or her like you want to be communicated with…and watch your relationship grow by leaps and bounds❤️”

One thought on “Melissa’s Quick Tip

  1. You are so correct. Communication is everything in a relationship. If you have lost that then most of the time it will not work or last. Treating your spouse with respect and showing the love you have for him/her is very important. Most of all is to keep God in your marriage. Ask him to cover your marriage with his love.

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