Reclaiming the Moral High Ground

Our county is once again mourning the loss of multiple lives at the hands of misguided individuals. We are at a moral crossroad that must be navigated with care. We can either abandon the truth and retreat deeper into apathy, or we can reclaim the moral high ground and revitalize our community. I’d like to … Continue reading Reclaiming the Moral High Ground

Communicating In A Crisis

The final point in my sermon this week was “Communicate Everything”. During that point, I explained how Nehemiah made communication a priority during a crisis. There’s a story I wanted to share but the Lord didn’t lead me to share it at that time. So I’ve decided to share it now to emphasize the value … Continue reading Communicating In A Crisis

Simple Directions

My mother-in-law and I were traveling to an appointment in another city. We decided to use my wife's new GPS. The firm female voice of the GPS said things like "get in the right lane and prepare to turn right in 1 mile". Her commands were not optional and at times she was almost annoying, … Continue reading Simple Directions