Tips for Lent 2020

Tip 1: Understand the time limit for your fast.

During Lent, we will fast for 40 days, Monday – Saturday, each week. We will not fast on Sundays. Lent 2020 begins on Wednesday, February 26th, and ends on Thursday, April 9th. 

Tip 2: Decide what you’ll be fasting from.

One of the biblical definitions of fasting is to cover the mouth. It means a person doesn’t eat food while fasting. But that doesn’t always mean to totally abstain from food. Sometimes people will fast from sweets, sodas, or meats. This type of partial fasting can be necessary for those with special medical conditions that have specific dietary restrictions. If you’re not confident about making the decision to abstain from certain foods while fasting due to a medical condition, please consult your doctor.

Another iteration of fasting is done when people decide to abstain from things other than food. For example, a person may fast from television, social media, or certain recreational activities. Ultimately, whatever you choose to abstain from should be a sacrifice.

Tip 3: Schedule time for reflection.

As you prepare for fasting, it is necessary to set aside a specific time or times for reflection. This is an introspective activity where you will pray and search yourself, your lifestyle, your habits and behaviors to identify those areas where you need improvement.

Tip 4: Plan to engage with God.

To help make sure there is spiritual engagement during your fast, plan for it to happen. Determine a time and place where you will spend time with God through his word, in prayer, or in worship. Here are some ideas to help you.• Set an alarm for prayer. Find the time that works best for you.• Get a Bible reading plan or devotional. We are using the Once-A-Day 40 Days to Easter Devotional, By: Kenneth D. Boa. It can be purchased on• Determine a place where you can engage with God without distractions. • Make a playlist of songs to sing along to in worship.

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