You are …

You are here. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be at this time in your life. God created you and knew you would be at this stage of your spiritual development. He knows every challenge, failure, and victory that has shaped your confidence. He also knows the path you must take to arrive at the next season of spiritual maturity. He is the one who will lead you there.

You are you. You are not striving to find your identity because God has already defined you. First, you are his creation and he says you’re “very good”. You are his child and he has given his son for you. You are his home where his spirit abides in you. You are his conduit for blessings to flow into the world. You are the carrier of his message.

You are eternal. You are equipped to speak eternal truth from God’s word. Your words can reveal light to those who are living in darkness. Your words carry the conviction to change the eternal destinies of those who hear you. You are empowered to perform eternal works that will remain long after your ascension. You carry God’s eternal presence with you into every situation. You have his eternal power available to accomplish his will in your life.

You are blessed. You are the recipient of grace from God you could never earn. You are walking in favor that cannot be matched. You are blessed with a destiny that cannot be denied. You are blessed with unprecedented access to the creator of the universe. You are blessed with eternal promises to claim and precepts to live by. Every spiritual blessing in heavenly places is part of your inheritance.

Know who you are and who’s you are. You are so much more than you think.

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