Love Again


Abraham again took a wife, and her name was Keturah. (Genesis 25:1 NKJV)

When Abraham’s wife, Sarah died he was 137 years old. He had spent nearly 100 years married to her. Now, he was alone. So what did he do? He loved again. The Bible says he took another wife named Keturah. 

Starting over can be hard sometimes. This is especially true if we’ve invested our hearts into a relationship only to see it fall apart. We have history with the person who left. We have inside jokes and experiences with them that others can’t relate to or understand. We learn their habits and they learn our little quirks. We may be left feeling like it’s nearly impossible to replace that man or woman we hoped would be “the one”. 

If that’s you, Abraham has a message for you: “love again”. Again, just like before, he took a wife. Again, just like before, he searched for someone to love. His relationship with Sarah ended, and I’m sure he thought of her every time he saw their son, Isaac. But he made room in his heart for someone new. 

At more than 137 years old, Abraham was still worth loving, and he still had love to give. You’re worth loving too. You still have love to give. I give you permission to love again.

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