Pulled Over

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1 NKJV)

I have been blessed by God’s mercy to only receive two speeding tickets in my life. Both occurred while I was in college at Auburn University and both happened on U. S. Highway 280 between Birmingham and Auburn, Alabama. The got the first ticket riding back to Birmingham with my dad after showing him the campus. I got the second one riding alone on my way back to Auburn after a break.


To this day, I still don’t know where that state trooper was sitting but I do know why I got the ticket. When this happened back in the 90’s Highway 280 was being widened from two lanes to four lanes. In some four-lane areas drivers were free to drive 65 MPH, while some two-lane areas were restricted to 35 or even 25 MPH. After leaving one of the frequent reduced speed two-lane areas I reached an extended four-lane area and expressed my joy and freedom with a firm press on the accelerator.


I turned up the classic jazz on my radio and sailed on with no thought for the speed limit or the speed I was driving. Then came the blue lights. I looked down at the speedometer but it was too late. When the officer came to the car he asked if I knew how fast I was going. I answered ‘no’. He kindly scolded me, reminded me of the law and limits, and informed me of how the penalty would be paid.


God is real and he’s closer than you might think. Just because you haven’t seen him doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist or that he isn’t sitting along the path of your life watching you fly by. Just because you don’t know the limits of his law doesn’t mean you’re not accountable for breaking it. Just because you aren’t aware of how fast your life is going away from him doesn’t mean there won’t be a penalty.

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