Spiritual Transfusion

Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls. (James 1:21 NKJV)
My mother-in-law is battling ovarian cancer (and winning in Jesus’ name). Her faith, strength, and resolve have been a huge testimony to me. Yesterday her blood levels were low and she is scheduled to have a blood transfusion today. She couldn’t get the blood today because the blood lab had to match and cross type her blood. Let me explain.

When new blood is introduced to the body it has to first of all be the right type, whether A, O, AB, etc. but that isn’t enough. The blood has to also be screened to see if preformed antibodies in her blood would fight against antigens in the donor blood. Basically, the blood type could be right but her body could  still attack and kill the new blood cells, making her very sick.

As we encounter the words of Jesus, we are usually plunged into a “crisis of belief” where we must accept or reject his will for us. I know that early in my relationship with God I had several “antibodies” preformed about how I wanted to live my life. I told myself certain sins were okay and that there was nothing wrong with the way I was living. I rejected the spiritual tranfusion of God’s word into my life. But here is the truth; I missed out on the blessings offered to me by the life giving word of God. 

So I began to willingly compare God’s commands to my lifestyle. In any area where his word and my life didn’t match, I acknowledged the differences. Then I began to pray and allow my heart to be softened to believe he was right and I was wrong. I prayed that he would help me overcome my faults. And lastly, I tried to do what he commanded. Sometimes I failed but even in failure I still compared, acknowledged, prayed, and tried.

The end result: many of the things I use to do, I don’t do anymore. There have been significant changes in my life and more of his word has been transfused into everything I do.
Think of one area of your life that needs a spiritual transfusion. Find a simple command in God’s word, compare, acknowledge, pray, and try. 

One thought on “Spiritual Transfusion

  1. Frebbie has a spirit that all of us need. With all she has to indure is amazing how she keeps her spirit and still trust in God. I pray that God will cleanse my heart and make me stronger in his word.
    To change your life the way God wants us to live is a challenge. We have to pray and mean it from the heart inorder to commit our life to God.

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